Welcome to the documentation for Geon Technology’s fork of rest-python.

Our goal for extending the REDHAWK SDR version was to stabilize and add as many features as possible to better support a generic interface to a REDHAWK SDR system using open and modern web technologies of the end-user’s choosing. These features include both observing and controlling the systems within the Domain. In essence: the aim is for an easy-to-use backend for interfacing with other systems or developing light-weight user interfaces.

NOTE: The current state of rest-python is beta, lightly tested against REDHAWK 2.0.5.


The rest-python interface is a Tornado webserver that relies on the Python interface to the REDHAWK SDR system (a.k.a., the sandbox in ossie.utils, among others). Therefore it must be running on a system that has access to those libraries, but not necessarily the system running the Domain. Beyond that requirement, installation on your Linux distribution will vary.

See the README.md for more detailed installation and startup instructions.

Deploying Applications

The server is configured to index any directory structure in the /apps/ or /client/ paths. The resulting URL would then be http://localhost:8080/apps/MySpecialApp, assuming there is an index.html in that directory.

If you are developing a new application or interface and would like to the server in --debug mode allows the server to re-index those paths as files change (to support development.)